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We are "BRANTO" in Hong Kong and we have been serving authentic Indian vegetarian food for more than 2 decades now. We are a restaurant which specializes in serving homely food in a very homely environment. When you dine with us we try to make sure that our staff makes you feel home away from home. That's our goal!

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In 1983 we started our first branch in Surat, GUJRAT, INDIA. We introduced to the city,the taste of Pizza . We showed them that pizza can be desi too and Surat that's where we got the platform and the opportunity to come Hong Kong and serve Indian food. Initially it was a struggle but after few years we gained popularity and as of now, we are one of a kind restaurant which serves our guest all the various delicacies of Indian cuisine like north Indian , south Indian and few varieties from Mumbai, Kolkata and so on. In the course of time apart from serving in Hong Kong we even have branches in Baroda(Gujurat), Lonavala (Maharashtra) back home in India.

The name. BRANTO doesn't sound INDIAN right? YES it's not Indian. It is derived from an Italian word "PRONTO" which means READY. But because of Indian numerology, a few letters changed a bit and we decided to call it BRANTO. But you will be still thinking why Italian name for an Indian restaurant ? Answer is simple as mentioned above we were the first ones to introduce pizzas in Surat ,GUJRAT and pizzas originate from Italy and that's how the name BRANTO was born to serve the people Indian vegetarian food.

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  • 9 Lock Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
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